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Thank you for your overwhelming response to the recent sale. All of my acrylic packets and the supporting wood peices are sold out! Look for more items to be added soon. I am in the process of updating the website so look for more changes soon.

Many of you have heard the story of how my Mom would draw my sisters and myself while watching the television in the 50's. My Dad had given her a paint box with brushes, oil paint and supplies when she was nineteen.

I drew Paul Simon off and album cover when I was nineteen, in nursing school. I didn't even know I could draw! My Mom gave me those oil paints and I had not a clue how to use them. I tried, but was never successful- I had no idea red and green made brown!

I was involved in the craft movement of the 70's and 80's and learned the art of decorative painting. I became a Master Decorative Painter and taught students from around the world the art of Decorative Painting. Teaching others how to paint was so very rewarding but was also very confining. A few years ago I decided that I no longer wanted to confine myself and my painting in the ways necessary to teach concepts and techniques.

I have been painting with oil paint again for the last two years and loving it! I do teach one oil painting class locally and a few oil painting seminars across the country.

I hope you enjoy my oil paintings. I welcome your comments and questions about them. Yes, I do sell a few paintings. If you are interested please contact me at home or by email.


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  • Apples by Arlene Beck
  • Lily by Arlene Beck
  • Glass Slipper
  • Pears by Arlene Beck
  • Pears II by Arlene Beck
  • Small Harvest by Arlene Beck
  • Tropical Shade by Arlene Beck
  • Batchleor Buttons by Arlene Beck
  • Finishing Touches by Arlene Beck
  • John Patrick by Arlene Beck
  • Rose by Arlene Beck
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